• PE-800

PE-800   Tryout

It is suitable for remote operation guidance of industrial automation equipment and troubleshooting process of system program.

For example, remote debugging, operation and maintenance, after-sales scene of construction machinery and equipment, robot automatic production line, ship control, chemical production control, energy and power and other equipment.

   Function List

线1.png☆AR remote multimedia interaction色块1.jpg

Multi party consultation and cooperation

Space dynamic calibration

Freeze screen static mark

Sharing whiteboardShared desktop

Take photos and pass on pictures

Code scanning call

Scan code to read device information

Local recording

Process cloud recording

Moderator control

Voice control

Bluetooth wrist control

Fault handling knowledge base / product database

Remote control of equipment program

     -Support all network port, 232 / 485 serial port, USB interface automation equipment

     -It can remotely view, set, backup and upgrade the system program of field equipment.

4G signal gain

5G all China Netcom


   Optional Items


Myopic lens cover

Bluetooth wrist control

Bone conduction earphone

Battery life

fill-in light