• AR thermal imaging analysis system
  • AR vibration analysis system
  • AR analog data analysis system
  • AR digital display system

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Remote thermal analysis system

Unlike traditional point-temperature guns and hand-held thermal imaging equipment, the UE-T100 remote thermal analysis system can not only present real-time thermal efforts in front of the field personnel.

At the same time, the thermal attempt can be displayed simultaneously in real time on the expert computer in different places, and the temperature point can be selected from any location on the computer.

The temperature compliance interval can be set at the expert level and an automatic alarm is raised when an abnormal temperature occurs.

  • Support dynamic multi-point temperature measurement, center point temperature measurement, regional temperature measurement.

  • Supports the highest temperature mode, the high contrast mode, the lowest temperature mode.

  • Support for multi-person temperature monitoring.

  • Support the web version of online monitoring, support PC client online monitoring, support AR live real-time monitoring.

Measurement range: -20C to 400C

   The list of features

线1.png☆AR remote multimedia interaction

☆AR remote thermal analysis

Multi-point temperature measurement

The center point measures the temperature

Area temperature measurement

    Displays the highest temperature



    Displays the lowest temperature

    Displays the average temperature

Maximum temperature imaging mode

Minimum temperature imaging mode

High-contrast imaging mode


Myopic lens cover

Bluetooth wrist control

Bone conduction earphone

Battery life

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