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Combined with Bosch's 100 years of industrial management experience, AR technology is applied to the operation and maintenance management of Bosch plant, and the shutdown fault is greatly reduced by cooperating with Bosch MIS + system.

AR remote after sales service system constructionlogo_08.png


Kistler Shanghai headquarters dispatched personnel to the site to take charge of maintenance, resulting in a shortage of personnel and a substantial increase in costs. Iqshile is a foreign-funded enterprise. In many cases, it needs foreign personnel to go to the site for support. The existing process is long and expensive. There is no data accumulation in the maintenance process, and the equipment can not be repaired for up to one and a half years.

At present, the remote after-sales service system is used for foreign remote support domestic, and Shanghai headquarters remote support agents to complete after-sales service. Save their own personnel costs, time occupation and travel expenses.

Remote management of purchasing equipment projectlogo_08.png


By providing ar remote after-sales service system to equipment suppliers, Continental equipment department can assist equipment suppliers to complete equipment assembly process management remotely.

At the same time, mainland electronics has a number of factories and workshops, which can complete the linkage of department work through our system, and quickly resume production under the epidemic situation.

Remote debugging of robot production line exitlogo_08.png


Ar remote guidance overall solution system with KUKA flexible production line exported abroad, through foreign field personnel wearing ar glasses, Shanghai engineer remote guidance operation, and through this system to KUKA robot body and PLC and other equipment remote write code, realize equipment remote joint debugging and delivery.

Multi party remote joint commissioning workstationlogo_08.png


During the 2020 epidemic, ThyssenKrupp produced a production line of auto parts, which is planned to be packaged for export next month. In the process, it was found that there was a fault in the servo press debugging, which could not be solved, and the personnel of the core supplier of this workstation could not return to Wuhan. ThyssenKrupp arranged to try TMVA ar remote technical support system, so that engineers of equipment suppliers in Wuhan can participate in the joint commissioning of workstations remotely, and it only took 30 minutes to solve the technical problem of two weeks' delay.