Thanks to Epson and Bosch for helping Tim Viveo "AR Remote Mentoring"

2020-10-11 11:14

The 22nd China International Industry Fair

On 2020.09.19 at the National Convention and Exhibition Center

(Shanghai) successfully closed the curtain;

TMVA launched "AR Remote Mentoring" this time

Products and solutions were presented in the exhibition,

Provide power for after-sales service of manufacturing industry!

As a subsidiary of China International Industry Expo

The professional exhibition with the theme of "Robotics",

TMVA combines Bosch and Epson

The exhibition was well received by the audience.

Create new business opportunities for people in industrial fields,

Help to promote the new pattern of industry development.

And thanks to the epidemic

As always, the audience is here.

TMVA was named the king of the popularity of Hall 8

The scene is full of people,

Audiences are eager to learn about the product, to experience it,

The stand continues to fill up,

Clear needs of customers in various industries,

Customer site invitation to place orders!!

The Expo TMVA showed to the public

"AR Remote Mentoring" solution

After sales service for manufacturing industry

Provide more innovative products.

Thanks to Epson and Bosch for joining forces

TIM Vivo AR Industrial Applications,

TMVA has gained a lot in this exhibition.

We will meet again on August 25, 2021!

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